TSA Latch Retrofit Kit-Nanuk Accessories-NANUK
TSA Latch Retrofit Kit-Nanuk Accessories-NANUK
TSA Latch Retrofit Kit-Nanuk Accessories-NANUK

TSA Latch Retrofit Kit


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We found a way to make our patented PowerClaw latches even better - they are now lockable! The easy-to-install retrofit kit can be installed on many NANUK cases and adds another layer of security to your case. All our TSA Latches bear the Travel Sentry® Red Diamond logo, which allows security personnel to open your case for inspection when required during travel. Each lock has a special TSA001 to TSA003 code, which is used by the TSA, CATSA and other security agencies to know which secure tool to use to open the lock. *Compatible with NANUK 905   908 – 915    918 – 920 – 925 – 933 – 935   930  – 938 – 940 – 945 – 950   955 – 963 – 965 – 960   968 – 970 cases.

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Customer Reviews

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TSA approved ammo case

5 stars well made excellent service

Ray Busby

I recently bought the TSA latch locks for my new Nanuk 935 carry on travel case . I wanted the extra security with the necessary TSA accessibility for carry on luggage. It only took me 4 or 5 minutes to remove the standard latches and install the locking latches. If you follow Nanuk’s instructions anyone should be able to quickly do this. They work perfectly.
This is an extremely high quality material case and the design is excellent. There are no flaws. I only wish it came with a heavy mesh lid insert organizer. I know Nanuk can’t anticipate everyone’s individual custom needs. They certainly make it easy for the customer to modify though.
Thank you Nanuk.
Ray Busby

Leon Phillip

I recently purchase and receive the TSA latch retro fit for my case. The reason for the purchase is to secure the contents while traveling. It was easy to install and it provides a peace of mind when my case is out of sight.

Alberto Hugo

Great product! Very happy with my purchase

Matthew Merrick
Can’t get munch easier

The instructions were clear and the actions easy. Took me less than five minutes to do .

Roy Haddock
TSA Latch Kit

I prefer locking latches on most cases. These were purchased for my Nanuk 935. Installation instructions are easy to follow with photos. Actual installation is simple.
The latches work as the original. Excellent quality all round from fit to finish on all Nanuk products I own.

Ron Joseph
Almost perfect

A combination lock option would make it perfect

Easy to install

Easy enough to install on the case. Adds another layer of security for the stuff I store in the case.

Keith Littlejohn
Simple, yet solid latch. Easy install.

I felt better having a lockable latch on my case. Just another level of security that puts the mind at ease, or at least make anyone work for it who wants it anyway. Would highly recommend this product for any size of case for same reasons stated above. I love the case, and the new locks! Thanks for a great product.

HB Nesbitt
Locking Powerclaw Latch Kit

Installed these latches on my 935 gun case and they work and fit great. Easy install and very decent price. Same key that I use for my 990 AR case, which is perfect. I own 3 Nanuk cases now and they are pure quality, keep it in Canada folks. Excellent cases.

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