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TSA Latch Retrofit Kit

CAD $79.75

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We found a way to make our patented PowerClaw latches even better - they are now lockable! The easy-to-install retrofit kit can be installed on many NANUK cases and adds another layer of security to your case. All our TSA Latches bear the Travel Sentry® Red Diamond logo, which allows security personnel to open your case for inspection when required during travel. Each lock has a special TSA001 to TSA003 code, which is used by the TSA, CATSA and other security agencies to know which secure tool to use to open the lock.

*Compatible with NANUK - 905 - 908-  915 - 918 - 920 - 925 - 930 - 933 - 935 - 938 - 940 - 945 - 950 - 955 - 960 - 963 - 962 - 965 - 968 - 970 - 975 - 980 - 988. 

TSA latches are included in NANUK 923 - 985 - 990 and 995.

TSA Latch Retrofit Kit

CAD $79.75

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews

These are wide and don’t fit many of the small to midsize boxes

Scott Brumbaugh
Tsa lockable latches are awesome!!

I love this latches best on the market in feel and durability

Zachariah Fradette
A 'Must Have' for Frequent Flyers

Anyone who travels with their equipment in a case should have these installed. Adds security without bulky locks and very easy to install with basic tools.

Kefei Han
It should’ve be a combination lock with a tsa key compatible feature

It should’ve be a combination lock with a tsa key compatible feature

OEM Locking Latch Kit

I am using this case to transport and store a competition grade handgun. Because it ultimately is a weapon, I wanted a case with two locking mechanisms. The Nanuk case allows me that sense of security with both, the retrofit locking latches and the combination locks.

Excellent quality, and a perfect fit for the case. Was super easy to swap them out. Reasonably priced as well.