Drone Cases

    NANUK 925 DJI™ FPV Combo Hard Case
    CAD $338.95

    Interior Size (LxWxH) 432 mm x 300 mm x 163 mm
    17 in x 11.8 in x 6.4 in

    Nanuk 925 Mavic 3 Pro
    NANUK 925 For DJI™ Mavic 3 Pro
    CAD $269.95

    Interior Size (LxWxH) 17 in x 11.8 in x 6.4 in
    432 mm x 300 mm x 163 mm

    NANUK 950 for DJI™ Phantom 4 RTK
    CAD $461.95

    Interior Size (LxWxH) 521 mm x 389 mm x 257 mm
    20.5 in x 15.3 in x 10.1 in

    NANUK 965 for DJI™ Matrice 30 is designed to organize, protect and mobilize.
    NANUK 965 for DJI™ M-30
    CAD $828.95

    Interior Size (LxWxH) 737 mm x 457 mm x 356 mm
    29 in x 18 in x 14 in

    NANUK 970 For DJI Inspire 2-Drone Case-Black-NANUK
    NANUK 970 For DJI™ Inspire 2
    CAD $1,035.95

    Interior Size (LxWxH) 610 mm x 610 mm x 361 mm
    24 in x 24 in x 14.2 in

    NANUK 970 for DJI Matrice M200 Series-Drone Case-Black-NANUK
    NANUK 970 for DJI™ Matrice M200 Series
    CAD $1,035.95

    Interior Size (LxWxH) 610 mm x 610 mm x 361 mm
    24 in x 24 in x 14.2 in

    NANUK 970 for DJI Matrice M300 RTK-Drone Case-Black-NANUK
    NANUK 970 For DJI™ Matrice M300 RTK
    CAD $1,035.95

    Interior Size (LxWxH) 610 mm x 610 mm x 361 mm
    24 in x 24 in x 14.2 in

    Nanuk 975 for DJI Inspire font view 3 with drone
    Nanuk 975 for DJI Inspire 3
    CAD $1,119.95

    Interior Size (LxWxH) 762 mm x 553 mm x 457 mm
    30 in x 21 in x 18 in

    NANUK 995 for DJI Ground Station RTK-Drone Case-Black-NANUK
    NANUK 995 for DJI™ Ground Station RTK
    CAD $1,031.95

    Interior Size (LxWxH) 1321 mm x 368 mm x 152 mm
    52 in x 14.5 in x 6 in

    About Drone Cases

    Drones have become one of the most valuable tools in the media production and industry, allowing the user to put highly mobile cameras and surveying equipment in the air rapidly, while covering multiple angles and perspectives in a short amount of time. This equipment is highly versatile, but also fragile. NANUK hard cases give you the ability to protect your drone equipment in those demanding environments, giving you the flexibility to arrive and thrive in your drone environment. Regardless of weather and harsh environments, NANUK hard cases give you the peace of mind, knowing that your gear is ready to go at a moment’s notice.

    Many drone platforms and ground stations require some setup and tear down in operations to allow the drone hull to fold away into a smaller transportable size. This modular nature comes in the form of replaceable parts, batteries, controls and accessories. NANUK’s hard cases allow an operator to both protect and store their equipment with special laser cutout inserts that keeps your equipment safe and organized in a waterproof, dust proof and crush proof environment. The designated cutouts keep the gear in a toolbox-like setup, preventing the loss of small parts.

    There are multiple styles of bags and cases for drone transport, picking the right version can drastically increase your productivity, while protecting your gear.

    Many drones arrive from the manufacturer in stock foam boxes and cases. While these cases offer a modest level of protection for the product while in transit from factory to stores, they are produced in a cost-effective style out of cardboard and foam and will often not last long in the field. Because of this, there are many aftermarket options available that can differ greatly in the level of protection they offer. From soft backpacks, to hard shell cases like NANUK’s drone line of hard case protection, there’s an option for every drone platform.

    Soft-shell bags and cases come in a couple forms, either as a backpack or under-shoulder bag with handles and a shoulder strap. While light-weight and flexible in form, soft bags and cases are often smaller in size, reducing the capacity to carry additional equipment and batteries. The soft-shell nature of a backpack or soft-bag also results in less protection both from crushing forces and environmental elements like rain and dust. These soft-shell bags and cases are often used for short term transport and light-duty use.

    Hard cases by nature offer larger, more rigid frames that provide the maximum level of protection in transport and field work. The hard shell forms the frame of the case, offering a high level of rigidity.