NANUK protective hard cases

Providing carrying and transport solutions to professionals, technicians and sportsmen around the world for over 20 years.

Our History

Providing protective carry and transport solutions for specialty equipment in a variety of industries. NANUK protective cases are used for sensitive equipment such as medical devices, drones, cameras, firearms, A/V gear, measuring equipment, OEM product solutions, computers & communication equipment, and many other high-values professional equipment for over 20 years.

Plasticase, NANUK’s corporate entity, initially started manufacturing plastic cases in 1984 under the name ​of ​Resentel Ltd. A few years later, after the company’s ownership was restructured, Plasticase emerged with a clear​er ​mission: design, engineer​,​ and manufacture the highest quality injection molded plastic cases in the world. ​By initially establishing a parallel with the success and trend ​that had been​ created by ​Swatch​ (​a brand of​ plastic watches made in Switzerland), ​our​ first product initiative made its debut as a fashion accessory and was sold as a cool “must-have” case for students and young adults through upscale department stores, trendy design shops​,​ and fashion accessory boutiques.

Growing The Line

Not long after the release of our ​first product, the Plasticase Designer™ 639 attaché​ ​case, the line ​grew​ to over 20 sizes and styles adapted to a wide variety of users with a clear focus on the needs of the B2B market. As the company evolved, demand for an innovative line of robust​,​ waterproof cases became evident. Plasticase moved forward with a bold response: NANUK “The Evolution of Protection”​—​a complete line of waterproof and indestructible protective cases rated for military, law enforcement​​, industrial, and professional users.

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[NA·NOOK] What's in a name?

Made​ to survive in the harshest ​of​ conditions

Thriving in an unforgiving landscape, the Polar Bear has evolved to survive the challenges of ​the​ freezing temperatures, frigid waters​,​ and ​ice-covered ​terrain of the arctic. As one of earth's most resilient predators, the great white bear is the inspiration behind our ​brand​ name ​due to its strength and fearlessness—made​ to survive in the harshest ​of​ conditions.

Made in Canada

NANUK designs and builds its cases for unforgiving environments. Where better to do that than in Canada? Only Switzerland and Japan rank higher in terms of reputation for making high-quality products globally! NANUK believes that there’s no better setting than the cold, harsh conditions of Canada to make cases that protect valuable equipment.

An Innovative Company

With innovative features like the patented PowerClaw latch, ​the rugged NK-7 resin​,​ and a ​distinct​ style, NANUK instantly earned global recognition while capturing significant international market share. NANUK professional protective cases are now distributed in over 50 countries worldwide.

NANUK has the in-house ability to design and manufacture innovative custom solutions for companies ​that​ are looking for new ways of adding value to their products. NANUK’s state-of-the-art production facilities and multidisciplinary teams include specialists in thermoplastics engineering and tooling, industrial design, mold making, graphic design​,​ and manufacturing.

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Who Uses NANUK

NANUK protective hard cases

NANUK lends a hand to some of the most demanding professions in the world. We take the worry out of damaging expensive, mission-critical gear. We know that the gear, tools, devices and equipment professionals use determine success or failure. At NANUK, failure is not an option!

Photo/video broadcast

NANUK's innovative design is embraced by creative professionals. Lightweight, ​it is built to store all things related to drones, cameras and audio-visual devices to let photographers and videographers chase the perfect shot, ​whether it be from​ the streets of New York or the sandy vistas of the Sahara.

Outdoor & Shooting Sports

Outdoor enthusiasts and outfitters require versatile protection for their expensive cameras, smartphones​, tablets​,GPS systems​, firearms, scopes and more. Lightweight and ranging in sizes from the stylish NANO series to the SMALL and MEDIUM series, NANUK protective cases shield valuable gear from impact, dust​, ​ and water. They’re the perfect companions for adventures big and small.


NANUK cases protect mobile medical devices around the world today.. Known as the world’s best protective cases, NANUK safeguards lifesaving equipment so users can count on them to work without fail.. Monitors, respirators, defibrillators, portable imaging devices​​ scanners and other mobile medical devices are well-protected and safe thanks to NANUK's durable shell. NANUK indestructible cases safeguard fragile, sophisticated equipment from the repeated blows, drops and shocks that happen during emergencies.

Public Safety

The rugged dependability of NANUK makes it the clear choice for first responders and public safety professionals around the world. Firefighters, Fire/Rescue, EMT’s, Emergency Management ​ and other emergency services all rely on NANUK protective cases to get them to the scene​—​gear intact.

Military & Law Inforcement

NANUK proudly supplies military and law enforcement departments around the world. Protective cases are designed to the strictest ​MIL-SPEC​ standards to ensure weapons,communications and life-saving equipment stay secure in high-stress, high-impact environments

Industrial & Energy

The mining, oil and other energy professions present some of the most daunting environments for sensitive, costly equipment. NANUK's reliable construction ensures valuable time and money is not lost replacing or repairing gear ​that is damaged on the job or during transport. Technicians in the field rely on NANUK.

Specialty packaging

NANUK custom case solutions further expand your horizons. Foam interiors, custom printing, paneling, and custom coloring all contribute to a case fully equipped for the job. If your application requires a customized solution for holding the contents of your protective hard sided case, our custom foam interior option is the way to go. Custom foam interiors provide the absolute best protection and support for your delicate equipment. Let NANUK wear your brand like a badge of honor, showcasing it everywhere it goes. NANUK can print your business's artwork on to your cases. Not just a watertight case: our case interior specialists can help you incorporate your electronic instruments into NANUK watertight cases. With our integrated panel kit system, you can take full advantage of our OEM housing solution.

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