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NANUK 935 Lid Organizer-Lid Organizer-NANUK
NANUK 935 Lid Organizer-Lid Organizer-NANUK

NANUK 935 Lid Organizer

CAD $176.95

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The NANUK Lid Organizer is the ideal organization and convenience accessory to add to your case. The molded interior is designed to help keep your hardware, power cords and accessories entirely organized and in-view. The lid organizer includes a set of mounting screws for easy, stress-free installation. Features include three or five zippered, transparent and anti-tear compartments of various sizes for lots of gear storage.

NANUK 935 Lid Organizer

CAD $176.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Eric Leung
Almost perfect

The construction and materials are great. The adhesive pads work really well. The overall fit is perfect, except for the holes on the lid organizer for the screws. They somehow do not line up perfectly with the screw holes on the lid, making the installation of the screws somewhat painful, and that is why I'm docking one star.

Both the 935 case and the lid organizer are genuine Nanuk products so I would expect everything to line up perfectly. I don't know who dropped the ball but it is as though the case and the lid organizers were made by two completely isolated teams that do not talk to one another. Or perhaps the case design was changed such that the screw holes had moved but that was never communicated to the lid organizer designers.

Whatever the reason might be, it is quite baffling because on one hand the overall dimension is correct and the organizer fits inside the lid like a glove. On the other hand, the holes on the organizer are about 1/8" off from the screw holes on the lid. This causes the screw holes to be covered by the lid organizer and I had to force the screws in. I have no idea whether it is just a manufacturing error in the batch that I got mine from, or the drawings are actually wrong. Either way, I would suggest the teams to do a quality check on the two products and actually try putting the two together and see for yourself what the problem is.

Rémi Lebel

NANUK 935 Lid Organizer

Terry William
What’s Happening?

I made my case design, then made my order and payment. 10 days goes by with no communications or confirmation? So I make a call and an email to Nanuk asking What’s Happening with my order??? I am told they are processing my order and that not hearing from them for 10 days after making my order and buying for it is no big deal to them. I guess ever online store I purchase from from is on another planet making confirmations, order status emails and texts, then shipment tracking etc. The Company Nanuk does not seem to practice this for their customers.

Patrick Dolan

Excellent craftsmanship.


Just what I need to store the little items I’ve been accumulating over the years. Wish it was a little cheaper still but it’s great quality and easy to install. Really appreciate the large pocket behind the clear pockets to store large items.