The Best Hard CAses With Wheels

NANUK 938 in Yellow with Wheels

Hard Cases With Wheels

When it comes to moving large quantities of gear, the process can seem daunting. That element of hassle is amplified when transporting a large amount of fragile or sensitive equipment through harsh environments or busy urban centers.

Wheeled Hard Cases with industry leading durability

Whether it be broadcast television cameras, electronics, or firearms, NANUK’s line of Wheeled Hard Cases provide a refined and ultra durable option for your equipment needs. The line of NANUK Wheeled Hard Cases brings industry leading durability combined with intelligent design to maximize both protection and organization within the case system. 

With so many variables and elements that go into the design process for hard cases, the design team at NANUK focused heavily on the element of usage …or more specifically, the logistics of how people use and transport their equipment.

It’s not simply about putting all of your gear into a box and then moving that box to it’s destination. More importantly, it’s about how the equipment is used in the field and how that equipment travels to the location.

NANUK 935 on the Beach

To design an effective hard case means to consider the needs and requirements of the equipment user and what environments that gear might encounter.

While a photographer and a law enforcement officer have drastically different occupations, both rely heavily on the equipment at their disposal.

The design team at NANUK understands how important that gear is and prioritized the utilitarian need for gear to be sorted and transported in a way that is easy to access and use at a moment’s notice. The end-goal is to create a two-tiered case system that both protects and organizes the gear within, but also make our users more effective and efficient in the field. The line of NANUK Wheeled Hard Cases takes the design ethos to the fullest potential; maximizing both what can be transported in larger cases and also the ease of use while in transit. 

The biggest advantage to a wheeled case is the dissipation of weight through the wheels when compared to a smaller handheld bag or case with a single strap or handle.

Greater Mobility with Wheeled Hard Cases

The ability to stow gear low to the ground and maneuver without needing to lift the weight of the equipment, allows for more efficient travel. Most people are all too familiar with the hassle that comes from an extremely heavy handheld bag or case and what that does to a person’s mobility. Switching to a wheeled platform with a larger hard case alleviates these issues and allows for greater mobility. The NANUK Wheeled Hard Cases use larger diameter wheels and more robust bearings, when compared to our competitors’ cases, increasing mobility through rough terrain and adding long lasting durability. NANUK Wheeled Hard Cases make use of our two-stage retracting handle system, allowing you to even choose the most comfortable grip position when transporting your equipment.

NANUK 960 for Video gear
NANUK For Sony Camera

Highly customizable with custom foam inserts

No matter the project or the kind of equipment, NANUK offers a wide range of wheeled hard cases for all your equipment needs. From professional cameras, industrial drones, electronics and lighting equipment, to a range of firearms cases, NANUK has a case to meet your needs. NANUK Wheeled Hard Cases are highly customizable with custom foam inserts, interchangeable dividers and lid organizers that allow the user to select the exact configuration needed for their gear.

The safest, most secure method for transportation

The end result is a Wheeled Hard Case that becomes the safest, most secure method for transportation, while prioritizing ease of use and accessibility. A NANUK hard case will make life easier and make you more efficient. Regardless of the scope and scale of your equipment needs, there is a NANUK Wheeled Hard Case for you.

NANUK in Military

The Best hard cases with wheels

When investing in a bag or case, think of it as an investment in your expensive equipment. It’s important to pick a system that not only protects your equipment, but also stores your camera equipment effectively and makes your life easier.

NANUK Wheeled Case in Black

A case should function as a full system, one that can PROTECT, CARRY & ORGANIZE your gear. When shopping for new gear the sheer number of options, styles, and builds can seem daunting… Shopping for a hard case can be a similar situation. With so many sizes, shapes and colors available, it can be a tough process to pick out the right one.


Cases and bags can be broken down into a couple groups based on materials and level of protection. These categories can be used to guide through the options and pick a case that best suits the operator’s needs.



Smooth mobility is a major advantage, especially when transporting cumbersome equipment. The NANUK wheeled cases features polycarbonate wheels molded with polyurethane. Similar to what you’d find on rollerblades, these wheels, along with their sealed stainless steel bearings, ensure a quiet, effortless trip over a multitude of terrains and through lots of weather conditions.

NANUK Hard Case Wheels
NANUK Retractable Handle


Hassle-free transport comes courtesy of NANUK's two-stage retractable handle. Posture-friendly, the handle can be adjusted to two different heights and offers easy, one-handed open and close with its quick-release button. Available on the NANUK 935 case.



We found a way to make our patented PowerClaw latches even better - they are now lockable! The NANUK long cases has two TSA PowerClaws and adds another layer of security to your case. All our TSA Latches bear the Travel Sentry® Red Diamond logo, which allows security personnel to open your case for inspection when required during travel. Each lock has a special TSA001 to TSA003 code, which is used by the TSA, CATSA and other security agencies to know which secure tool to use to open the lock. They can be purchased and installed seperately on wheeled cases. TSA Locks also available seperately

NANUK PowerClaws with TSA Lock

The Best Carry-on Hard Cases with Wheels for travel and Transport (fit with Nanuk’s TSA approved Lock)

Modern air travel is a tedious prospect filled with long lines, security checks, restrictions and a bunch of grumpy people jammed into a metal tube. Add sensitive or fragile equipment to the mix and the process can lead to a days-long headache. Fortunately it doesn’t have to be this way.

NANUK 935 as a Carry On

NANUK’s line of airport friendly, TSA approved wheeled hard cases are purpose built for the concrete jungle that is modern air travel.

You can create the perfect configuration for your gear, all the while removing the stress of travel through airports.

Fortunately NANUK Wheeled Hard Cases streamline the air travel process, allowing your equipment to commute through the beehive of security checkpoints in a fast and efficient manner.

NANUK offers a range of Carry-On, TSA approved wheeled hard cases that will take the stress out of navigating this maze of madness, while saving your back from the stress of lugging heavy bags filled with your essential gear. With NANUK’s Carry-On Wheeled Hard Cases, your vital equipment never has to leave your side.

In addition to the ultra-durable design of our NK7 Resin hard shell cases, available in numerous sizes and colours, we also offer a travel specific version of our patented Power Claw latch system with integrated TSA lock built right in. This means no more dangly padlocks hanging off of your cases, snagging on every newspaper and magazine rack as you walk by. NANUK’s range of Wheeled Hard Cases offer a streamline, secure and easy to maneuver system that is highly customizable for your transport needs. A long day of air-travel doesn’t have to be a drag with hard cases, roll on through the next airport with NANUK’s line of wheeled Hard Cases for your gear.

NANUK 935 carry-on case

If you were designing the perfect waterproof, protective case that can go anywhere and do anything we bet that you would start with the NANUK 935.

Three soft-grip handles make this wheeled case one of the most convenient on the market, but that’s only the beginning. Polyurethane wheels withstand rough terrain while the one-handed retractable handle makes it easy to use and versatile. No matter where you’re headed, you’re guaranteed a smooth and hassle-free trip.

The Best Hard Sided Rolling Camera Case with Dividers, Foam and Organizers for Safe Shock-Proof Protection

Flexibility is an important factor when it comes to transporting larger gear load-outs and equipment. It leaves the user with the ability to adapt and change their equipment so that they can access what is needed and function in a more efficient way.

Combine the rugged build design of the NANUK hard case line with the wheeled platform and you have a winning combination for ease of use in the field. NANUK Hard Cases use NK7 Resin to create an armour-like shell around your vital equipment, adding a shockproof, dust-proof and waterproof layers of protection. The NK7 resin is extremely resistant to abrasion and damage for an extremely long lasting and durable case option. The patented Power Claw latch system ensures that the case will remain closed and secure in transit, allowing you to focus on your surroundings as you wheel to the next location or project. Think of the custom foam inserts and organizers like a well-organized tool box.

Every piece of gear has a home and everything is organized. With the highly refined system of organizers and inserts, you always know where your equipment is and if something is missing.

A valuable asset to organization in busy projects and job-sites. Our goal with NANUK Hard Case design is to create an integrated transport and storage system that makes life easier for the user.

NANUK 955 Hard Case in Black

NANUK Wheeled Hard cases are designed to take the hassle out of gear transport and make our users more efficient in the field. Regardless of the equipment size and shape, regardless of the project location, there is a NANUK Wheeled Hard Case that will keep your equipment safe and sorted so that you can focus on the task at.

Take the hassle out of transport and travel with the NANUK line of Wheeled Hard Cases. 


NANUK Hard cases offer a waterproof, dust-proof and crush resistant system that will operate in even the most tough environments, keeping your gear safe and sound within.

NANUK 950 Hard Case

The cases utilize the Power-Claw latch system, offering a two-stage closure that keeps the case closed, secure and water-tight in transport. The cases also offer multiple handle and wheeled systems, adding extra transport capability and ease of use in the field. Regardless of where life takes you and your gear, NANUK Hard Cases for cameras are designed to get you into the action.The design ethos at NANUK is highly focused towards finding a better way: that a hard case should work with your photo gear, and make your life easier. It should complement your equipment and add to the capability of the aerial platform.

NANUK Hard Case design focuses on how the equipment is used in the field, and how to best transport and organize the equipment within.

With all operations, whether they be professional, or more casual, a case should add a level of organization and capability that allows the operator to setup and fly faster. No one wants to arrive on location and spend time untangling cables while the action passes you by.

A hard case system should not only protect your gear, but it should also store the equipment in a logical and intelligent way that allows the photographer to work at peak efficiency.The purpose of a hard case isn’t simply one of protection, it should allow the user to be ready to shoot, to operate at any time in any environment.

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