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NANUK 925 Drone CaseNANUK 925 Drone Case

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NANUK designs and build protective cases for unforgiving environments and conditions.

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The Best Hard Case For DJI™ Mavic 3, Mavic 3 Cine Combo & Fly More Combo
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The NANUK Hard Case for the DJI RTK Ground Station and Ground Station RTK 2, is the one-stop option for DJI’s GNSS line of ground stations. As the ground module component of the hyper-specific geolocation system of DJI’s RTK system, this operational...
The Best Hard Case for DJI™ FPV Combo Drone
When it comes to commercially available drones, the DJI™ FPV is a unique beast. It offers shear speed and maneuverability that is unmatched by any other drone in the DJI™ line up, all in a single, concise off the shelf package. The...
The Best Hard Case for DJI™ Matrice 300 RTK
As a drone that is built for long duration use in the field, the NANUK Hard Case line provides multiple options to safely store and transport that platform. When the conditions require the DJI™ Matrice 300 RTK to be available at a...
The Best Hard Cases For DJI™ MAVIC AIR 2 & AIR 2s
The NANUK Hard Case for the DJI™ Mavic Air 2 and Mavic Air 2S builds upon the platform principles of the entire Mavic Airline. That design is focused on portability and ease of use without any additional bulk in transport.NANUK...
The Best Hard Case For DJI™ Mavic 2 Pro, Zoom and Smart Controler
The DJI™ Mavic Pro, Mavic Pro Zoom, and Air 2 are simply remarkable airframes that add an entirely new dimension to drone operations. The highly flexible and foldable design added compact options to professional drone operators and enthusiasts alike, allowing...
The Best Hard Case For DJI™ Inspire 2 and Batteries
The Inspire 2 platform was designed to maximize flexibility with professional and industrial drone operations, often with long duration flights in complex environments.  When you need to transport a payload with multiple extra lenses, batteries and accessories, there is no...
Best Hard Case For DJI™ Phantom 4 RTK At the core of the Phantom platform sits an incredibly versatile drone tested by time, through countless projects, operations, in almost every possible environment. Through the generations of the Phantom line, NANUK...
The Best Hard Case For DJI™ Matrice 200-210 & Battery
The DJI™ Matrice 200 / 210 is DJI™’s ace-in-the-hole when it comes to all weather conditions, capable of flying and operating in almost any environment. Rain, wind or snow, the Matrice can take it and come back for more. When...
The Best Hard Case for DJI™ Mini 2, Mini & Fly More
The DJI Mini, Mini 2 and Mini SE bring unparalleled value to the table when it comes to ultra-compact, yet extremely capable folding drones. With so much power in a small package, it becomes important to transport the drone in...

Peace of mind protection on the go

When it comes to organization and storage, there are multiple options and layouts within the NANUK Hard Case line for multiple drone platforms. With the use of specially designed, drone specific foam inserts, each case has a specific layout for your drone, drone controllers, batteries and accessories.

Drone operator with NANUK case

This keeps the gear within secure and stored, so that nothing will shift in transit. But it also lays out drone equipment like a highly organized toolbox. With the designated slots for components, you will never have to worry about leaving gear behind again. The custom foam inserts will let you know at a moment’s glance if something is missing or out of place.

A NANUK Hard Case for drones is the ultimate system for drone storage, transport and protection. We’ve all witnessed the horrors of an airport baggage handler having a bad day, don’t take chances with your equipment. 

Gone are the days of massive, oversized hulls that required a team to operate and transport

In recent years drones have gone through something of an aerial Golden Age. Gone are the days of massive, oversized hulls that required a team to operate and transport. Limitations have literally flown out the window and as technology has improved, aerial platforms have become more portable, flexible and reliable. Drones have shrunk down to a micro size that can fold and fit into your hand, allowing drones to be used anywhere, at any time.The technology has evolved to harness the new changes in controller and transmission systems, operating with better cameras and longer duration lithium-ion batteries, drastically improving flight time and overall capability.

NANUK Cases with Drones
NANUK Cases with Drones

The innovation in drone technology has made aerial platforms more accessible to everyone

This continuous evolution of drone platforms has seen new drones hit the market in numerous sizes, hull shapes and capabilities. The innovation in drone technology has made aerial platforms more accessible to everyone, offering flight operations for a wide range of people, from veteran professional operators to new enthusiasts. However, the one element that doesn’t change… The need for protection and the safe transportation of a drone’s sensitive avionic components. Drones are extremely capable, but they can also be fragile, and in understanding the various options you can select a case system that works the best for your platform.

A unique level of durability and protection, that will last through your adventures

To adapt to the ever-changing world of drone technology, we at NANUK have harnessed our years of experience in media and equipment to design and build the best cases for drones. Our unique perspective into transporting sensitive equipment and fragile gear has given us many insights into what works and what functions the most effectively. We have refined the materials and components that we build our cases from, to adjust to the most durable options, creating a case that will last for years. The use of NK-7 resin throughout our entire line gives our cases a unique level of durability and protection, that will last through your adventures and whatever life can throw at you.

NANUK Cases with Drones

Why use a hard case for your drone?

A drone at its very core, regardless of size, payload or cameras, is an incredibly powerful tool in a lightweight package. However, to maximize the capability of a drone platform, many designers have stressed the ratios of weight to power and lift.

To accomplish this, drone manufacturers rely heavily on hyper-light materials and components, maximizing  rigidity and strength, while keeping weight to a minimum. Many materials are composite in nature, or designed out of weight focused materials including: carbon fiber, magnesium, titanium, FRN (Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon) and plastics. These materials are modern wonders of science however, they are extremely prone to damage if not transported correctly.

Even slight bumps during transport, or collisions from other objects have the potential to cause catastrophic damage. Protecting a drone for transport and storage can be one of the most important aspects of drone maintenance and safety. Fortunately, NANUK Hard Cases offer tough options for almost any design and environment

NANUK 905 for Drones

It’s simple enough to build a box and throw all of your gear into it… However, the real challenge with hard cases lies within the perimeters of design and logistics.

NANUK has taken a design principle that focuses on how people use their drone gear in the field. How people both transport and store their gear, and the methods to make the equipment available and ready to use as quickly as possible. This design language is reflected in the entire lineup of NANUK drone cases and the custom inserts designed specifically to boost efficiency in the field. Whether you are wheeling your drone case through an airport or dragging it through a muddy field, whether you fly a small and foldable Mavic or a large Matrice, there’s a NANUK case built specifically for your drone needs.

Drone operator taking a drone out of a NANUK case

When investing in a bag or case, think of it as an investment in your expensive drone equipment.

It’s important to pick a system that not only protects your equipment, but also stores your drone equipment effectively and makes your life easier. A case should function as a full system, one that can PROTECT, CARRY & ORGANIZE your gear. When shopping for a new drone the sheer number of options, styles, and builds can seem daunting…

Shopping for a hard case can be a similar situation. With so many sizes, shapes and colors available, it can be a tough process to pick out the right one. Drone cases and bags can be broken down into a couple groups based on materials and level of protection. These categories can be used to guide through the options and pick a case that best suits the operator’s needs.

Comparing Drone Protection Options

When picking a drone bag or case it is extremely important that you pick an option that will keep your gear protected in the environments that you usually operate in.

The Soft Bag Options

The most common options in the market would be the soft bag, such as a backpack or handbag, along with common EVA semi-hard-shell cases. These are typically the less expensive transport options, often smaller in design and less protective, only intended for occasional use. While the cost can seem like an initial factor it is important to consider the lifespan of the drone, and how it will be used. These bags and cases are designed to be small and unobtrusive. They are the small option that you’d throw over your shoulder, to take with you on a light day trip.

However due to the lack of protection these soft bags and cases offer less resistance from the environment, and contact damage, usually non-waterproof and non-dust resistant, you wouldn’t want to allow these bags out of your sight.

Small bumps from external forces could damage the gear within, which is not an ideal situation for a fragile drone. The reality of drones is that when something goes wrong, it goes wrong extremely fast. You don’t want to open your drone up to damage from simple transport, especially when minor damage can cause catastrophic issues in flight later.

Back pack case for Drone
NANUK Phantom Case

The Hard-Shell Case Options

The hard-shell case takes protection to the extreme, with a rigid exterior shell that forms both the structure of the case and also a physical barrier to the elements. The hard shell is crush resistant, dust-proof and waterproof, allowing for protection of your gear in almost any environment. These cases can be stacked on top of each other for storage and transport, and can be locked from the outside making them safe for air travel. A hard case is a little extra peace-of-mind, knowing that regardless of what the environment throws at you, the gear inside the cases will arrive safe and ready to roll.

The NANUK hard case line allows you to choose the right sized case for your drone setup and equipment, giving you the ability to transport your drone safely in a customized configuration.

There are multiple case sizes and foam inserts, allowing perfect customization for your drone equipment needs. For smaller, foldable drones there are cases like the NANUK 925, while scaling up in size to the larger multi-rotor setups you have larger behemoth options like the 960 and 970. The design ethos with the team at NANUK was to build the cases from the ground up, build around the equipment and how that equipment will be used. This platform of logistical design, creates the most streamline option for case protection. 

Transport your drone safely in a customized configuration

Each NANUK Hard Case model offers multiple options, including: colours, foam inserts, decal wraps, and even lock-latch mechanisms.

NANUK Drone Cases

Every case maximizes customization with multiple foam inserts, allowing the user to decide exactly how their gear will be stored. There are drone model specific foam inserts with laser cut partitions for drone hulls and accessories, along with the more traditional pluck foam cube inserts, allowing for any shape within the foam tray. The insert design allows drone operators to transport the gear in the most organized layout possible.

Why Choose NANUK?

NANUK Hard cases offer a waterproof, dust-proof and crush resistant system that will operate in even the most tough environments, keeping your gear safe and sound within.

NANUK Polar Bear

The cases utilize the Power-Claw latch system, offering a two-stage closure that keeps the case closed, secure and water-tight in transport. The cases also offer multiple handle and wheeled systems, adding extra transport capability and ease of use in the field.

NANUK PowerClaws with TSA Lock

Regardless of where life takes you and your drone platform, NANUK Hard Cases for drones are designed to get you into the action.

The design ethos at NANUK is highly focused towards finding a better way: that a hard case should work with your drone, and make your life easier. It should complement your equipment and add to the capability of the aerial platform.

NANUK Hard Case design focuses on how the equipment is used in the field, and how to best transport and organize the equipment within.

With all operations, whether they be professional, or more casual, a case should add a level of organization and capability that allows the operator to setup and fly faster. No one wants to arrive on location and spend time untangling cables while the action passes you by. A hard case system should not only protect your gear, but it should also store the equipment in a logical and intelligent way that allows the operator to work at peak efficiency.

The purpose of a hard case isn’t simply one of protection, it should allow the user to be ready to fly, to operate at any time in any environment.

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