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The Best Hard Case For DJI™ Inspire 2 and Batteries

The Best Hard Case For DJI™ Inspire 2 and Batteries

The Inspire 2 platform was designed to maximize flexibility with professional and industrial drone operations, often with long duration flights in complex environments.

 When you need to transport a payload with multiple extra lenses, batteries and accessories, there is no better option than the line of NANUK hard cases for the Inspire 2 and Inspire 2 batteries. These cases allow for the maximum level of customization in your gear loadout, allowing for controllers, lenses, follow focus systems and more, all in an organized and durable design. Operate in any environment, any time. NANUK Cases will get your gear into the action. 


Hard Case For DJI™ INSPIRE 2

The DJI™ Inspire 2 is a unique bird when it comes to the lineup of off-the-shelf drones. While the drone was purpose built for the professional market, it shares many of the same control interfaces with DJI™’s consumer drone line. This makes the drone easily accessible for many operators looking to make the leap from the consumer world, upwards into the realm of professional drone operation. In doing that, the Inspire 2 line offers an incredible level of customization, with interchangeable lens systems, dual controller/operator loadouts, multiple propellers for varying altitudes, along with battery and charging systems. 

When picking a hard case for the platform, it is important to select one that allows for as much customization as the Inspire 2 line. NANUK Hard cases do just that, with the most durable options, utilizing custom foam inserts that will allow for the safe transportation and sorting of your drone gear. When your professional operations rely on your Inspire 2, be sure that your gear will arrive, organized and ready to go at a moment's notice. 



The NANUK Hard Case for DJI™ Inspire 2 batteries offers a new and unique way to transport your TB50 batteries. Whether you are transporting your batteries locally, or through international airports, the NANUK Hard cases offer the safest level of protection when it counts. With the capacity to carry 15 batteries plus charging accessories, you’ll have enough battery life to stay in the air for hours. 

As an added bonus: The NANUK Hard Case for the DJI™ Inspire 2 batteries allows a great option for transporting your TB50 batteries during air travel. Many international air regulations, including the FAA and Transport Canada will no longer allow you to check lithium-ion batteries as luggage under the plane. Make your life easier, transporting the Inspire 2 batteries as carry-on baggage with this handy case.