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Casquette gratuite à l'achat d'un sac ou backpack.

955-960 Kit de roues

CAD $28.80

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Le kit de roues NANUK 955-960 comprend deux petites roues et le matériel d'installation requis. Les roulettes de valise NANUK sont conçues pour rouler en douceur pendant une longue période, mais l'usure de la surface de friction est inévitable, et nous proposons un kit de remplacement complet pour que votre valise roule à nouveau comme neuve. Ce kit de roues en polyuréthane est facile à installer et constitue un remplacement direct du fabricant d'origine.

Ce kit de roues est compatible avec les modèles NANUK : 955/960. Si vous avez besoin de roues pour un autre cas, cliquez ici.

955-960 Kit de roues

CAD $28.80

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Joshua MacDonald
Great Purchase

Great purchase! Everything went smoothly and I was notified when it arrived at my house!

Dominic Balasta
Does not fit as advertised

I know for sure I bought the correct wheel size, however no matter what angle I use to insert the wheels I cannot get the new ones in. The old ones fit perfectly but the new wheels width size doesn't allow me to insert them in.

Gustavo Napoli
problems with the wheels

I always used pelican a friend of mine recommended NANUK AND I BOUGHT IT I LIKED it but now the courteous wheel I purchased it on the website but until now I haven't received it I had put the US address so I haven't even had a return and I haven't received it I'm still waiting for the tracking email, I'm already in Brazil and I'm back to using a pelican because the nanuk is broken and I can't use it anymore!! That's why I'm disgusted!!

Kevin Boyd
Wheels durability do not match with the case

The wheels on this case shred easily and don't last up to travelling. i am a fairly infrequent flyer and these wheels only lasted a few years of travel. case is good however.

Stuart Hill
Warranty Replacement

I ordered 2 955 for video gear...One of them came in with a damaged wheel...I contacted Customer Support and they quickly responded...I received the replacement parts in about 5 days...Issue resolved! Nanuk stands behind their products and builds confidence you made the right choice...“Take care of Quality, and products won’t come back. Take care of Customers, and they will.”