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The Best Gun Hard Cases

Let's break down some of the best hard cases with TSA locking, which have been specially designed for assault rifles, ARs, shotguns, pistols, and handguns.

the best piece of equipment you can buy for gun safeguarding

All gun owners know the importance of having a secure and reliable place to store their firearms. This is because gun storage is crucial for both the safety of those around you, whether you are traveling or at home. Plus, it also protects your firearms.

Hard cases are generally accepted as the best piece of equipment you can buy for gun safeguarding. This is because hard cases are most often waterproof and impact-proof, with layered form inserts protecting your gear and a tough and durable outer shell.

But with so many hard cases to choose from, it may be a little overwhelming to know which is the right type for your firearms. To help, here we break down some of the best hard cases with TSA locking, which have been specially designed for assault rifles, ARs, shotguns, pistols, and handguns. 

Best Large / Long Rolling Hard Cases for Assault Rifle, AR, and Shotgun Cases with TSA locking

If you use assault rifles, ARs, or shotguns, you will know the trials and tribulations of finding a fair-priced, high-quality, secure, lightweight hard case that will fit your firearms. Luckily, NANUK's team has made an innovative range to suit your needs. Here we break down some of the different cases that NANUK has created.

1. NANUK 995

In most cases, the safest places to store your guns are in high-quality and durable cases. With NANUK 995, the longest of NANUK's super protective cases, you will find one of the most robust hard cases on the market.

Measuring 52” inside, this hard case is not only waterproof (IPX7), dustproof (IP6X), and MIL-SPEC certified, but it weighs only 21.6 lb, so you can protect your gear while having maximum transportation flexibility. Its strong but lightweight polycarbonate wheels also aid transportation on any terrain.

The NANUK 995 has been specially built for durability and toughness: it can survive a wide range of water, dust, and impacts and can withstand temperatures from -20°F to 140°F, so your firearms will remain protected wherever you live.

So if you are looking for an extremely strong, lightweight, long hard case, there can be no better case than the NANUK 995.

2. NANUK 990 AR

The NANUK 990 AR has been created to be indestructible but lightweight, and so like all NANUK's cases, it is made of a tough NK-7 resin shell. The NANUK 990 AR has been specially designed to fit a wide range of firearms at once: It can fit the standard 36" AR15, up to eight magazines, and a pistol with 4 universal single or double stack handguns magazines. It is just 200 mm shorter than the NANUK 995.

Like all NANUK's large / long rolling hard cases, it is size-suitable for airline check-in and comes with a lifetime warranty. It also has four PowerClaw latches and two TSA-accepted key locks. So if you are looking for a hard case to safely store your assault rifle, the NANUK 990 AR case could be for you.

3. NANUK 990

Available in both olive and black colorways, the NANUK 990 has also been designed for maximum durability and toughness with a military-grade case made of lightweight NK-7 resin. This hard case has the same interior and exterior proportions as the NANUK 990 AR and has been made to fit either a takedown shotgun and its accessories or a single AR-15 or similar rifle and pistol.

All the NANUK hard cases have many repeating features, including being waterproof (IPX7), dustproof (IP6X), and MIL-SPEC certified.  But another NANUK feature we haven't yet mentioned is a lid-stay feature so that lids don't suddenly shut when you are using the hard case, making them safer.

The case is incredibly tough and has been designed to survive all sorts of weather conditions and impact situations which means that it is ideal for firearm storage. It is also fitted with polyurethane wheels for easy transportation.

4. NANUK 985 AR15

The NANUK 985 AR15 has all the standard NANUK features, including a lightweight but long-lasting NK-7 resin shell. Both shock-absorbent and lightweight, the NANAK 985 AR15 has been made to fit a standard 36” AR15 plus eight magazines. There are also further storage features for accessories and desiccant canisters.

The NANUK 985 AR15 also includes features that we have not yet touched upon: the TSA-accepted key lock, which indicates to transit security inspectors that they can inspect your case without causing damage, and a specially designed handle to enhance easy transportation.

As with all NANUK cases, this hard case is built to be indestructible and to properly secure and protect your firearms with its water-tight seal and waterproof casing.

5. NANUK 985

The NANUK 985 is unique for being one of the smallest of NANUK's large/long rolling hard cases. But at 39.7" exterior length, it remains large enough to fit in a single rifle, an AR-15, or a takedown shotgun. Weighing just 15.8 lb, the NANUK 985 is lightweight but tough.

Its compact size and polyurethane wheels are useful to a range of individuals who require durability and ease of transportation under severe conditions: from hunters to law enforcement to military personnel. But these qualities are also what makes it so effective for safe storage.

Designed with all the important NANUK features, this hard case is also fitted with an automatic “vacuum lock,” which turns on during temperature, altitudes, and humidity changes.

Best Single and Double Gun Hard Cases for Pistols / Handguns with TSA Lock For Travel and Transport

Now that we have covered some of the best large and long rolling hard cases, you may be wondering whether NANUK's pistol and handgun cases are as comprehensively designed for gun owners' needs. Well, the answer is yes. Read on to find out more.

1. NANUK 909 Classic

The NANUK 909 Classic has been specially designed to protect one double-stack magazine or two single stack magazines. With an exterior length of just 321mm, and an empty weight of just 2.16 lb, these compact but tough cases are perfect for safely storing and transporting your firearms.

Unlike some larger NANUK models, this hard case is airline cabin carry-on size. The NANUK 909 Classic comes in 9 colors, including red, blue, silver, yellow, so it can match your home's decor. With all the standard NANUK features, this strong, shockproof and waterproof case is the ideal way to safely store and protect your pistols and handguns.

2. NANUK 909 Gun Case For Glock

The NANUK 909 Gun Case For Glock is an innovative, durable, compact case that provides storage space for two single-stack magazines or one double-stack magazine. It also comes in 9 fun colorways.

Designed to include all the standard NANUK qualities, the NANUK 909 Gun Case For Glock also shares features with the NANUK 909 Classic. They both have an interior of high-quality grade closed cell PEF foam which has been carved to tightly protect and cushion your firearms. They also use integrated and reinforced eyelet locks for secure storage and transportation.

Best Hard Sided Cases for Multiple Pistols / Handguns With Lock For Storage

Finally, we examine NANUK's best hard sided cases for multiple pistols/handguns. If you've been wondering which hard case might be best for your needs, now you will more easily be able to compare the different available models.

1. NANUK 910 2 Up Gun Case For Glock

The NANUK 910 2 Up Gun Case For Glock is designed with all the standard NANUK features and qualities we have spoken about above. With a 363" exterior, it provides storage for two double stack magazines or two single stack magazines. It also fits pistols with a beavertail design and pistols with trigger locks.

With NANUK’s exclusive locking and latching system, your case has been created to stay secure and closed until the next time you use it – making it an ideal storage case.

2. NANUK 910 2UP Classic Gun Case

Also designed to securely store two single stack magazines or two double-stack magazines, and with 10 colors to choose from, this NANUK 910 2UP Classic Gun Case is designed with all the NANUK standard durability features. It's also airplane cabin carry-on sized, making it doubly useful when looking for space to store it around the house.

The inside of the case comes with closed-cell, and pre-cut PEF foam, which further cushions your firearms. The lid is also covered in foam which adds an extra layer of protection to your pistols and handguns.

3. NANUK 925 4 Up Gun Case

At 475 mm in exterior length, the NANUK 925 4 Up Gun Case is slightly larger than the two pistol cases listed above. Because of this, it can store up to four handguns and ten single or double-stack magazines.

It comes with all the beneficial features of buying one of NANUK's hard cases but has the added attributes of being able to store most handguns which have barrels up to 5", and it has space for storage of 1911 style guns and guns with trigger locks.

4. NANUK 933 5 Up Gun Case

An even larger model, the NANUK 933 5 Up Gun Case fits up to 5 full-frame handguns with trigger locks. Pair this with an 8 magazine storage space, and you have a place for all your special compartments. Not only can users organize their tools and guns, but this case is designed to withstand severe conditions.

The case has been designed with an in-built extra depth so that if you have any customized handguns, or a 1911 style gun, or guns with which have their trigger locks in place, they can all be accommodated in this storage case.

5. NANUK 935 6 Up Gun Case

Although the NANUK 935 6 Up Gun Case can store as many as six handguns and ten single or double stack magazines, the case remains lightweight, having been designed in NANUK's NK-7 resin.

This pistol and handgun case also features wheels, three soft-grip handles, and a retractable handle, making for extremely comfortable transportation. As with all the cases examined here, this hard case has been designed to be indestructible and is able to withstand both extreme weather and temperatures.

6. NANUK 938 6 Up Gun Case

With an exterior length of 605mm and a depth of 9.5″, this hard case provides secure storage for up to 6 full-frame handguns with trigger locks. Users will also receive a storage space for 10 magazines. It is robust and comes with all the standard NANUK features we have mentioned above.

The NANUK 938 6 Up Gun Case is specially designed as a traveling case with wheels, a retractable handle, and three soft-grip handles. It contains special in-built compartments for organization, which streamlines your firearm storage experience both at home and when you are on the move.

7. NANUK 950 15 Up Pistol Case

Although just 579mm in length, the NANUK 950 15 Up Pistol Case is large enough to store 15 full-frame handguns with trigger locks. It can also store up to 15 spare magazines beside the pistols. Offered in five colors, this compact but indestructible case was first created for a Police Academy.

Weighing just 15.1 lb when empty, this hard case boasts hardware made of stainless steel and two reinforced eyelets, so the case can be locked for extra security.

8. NANUK 968 20 Up Gun Case

As with all of NANUK's designs, the NANUK 968 20 Up Gun Case is built to be waterproof and shockproof. It comes with a range of highly innovative features and qualities that make it durable and secure for both storage and transportation. Twenty full-frame handguns with trigger locks and 20 magazines can be stored in this Police Academy-designed hard case.

The Round-Up

After this comprehensive list of NANUK's different hard cases, you should now better understand the different models and which may best suit your storage needs.

NANUK 915 for Hunting

With lifetime warranties, lightweight NK-7 resin, customizable colors, state-of-the-art foam, and thorough safety features, including TSA-accepted key locks and vacuum locks, whatever model you choose is going to help you to safely store and travel with your firearms. Remember, you can always learn more about any of the cases listed today!

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